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In a study conducted by Yagi Tadash (Doshisha University) and Nishimura Kazuo (Kobe University), in which 5,000 adult men and women were questioned about their parents, they found that the environment these adults were raised in dictated their future success, wealth and happiness in life.

The study found that supportive parents had the most significant impact on an individual’s future success and happiness in life.

Even individuals raised in a poor household, in which parents were supportive, had better grades, greater happiness and higher income later in life.

If you were not fortunate enough to have been raised in a supportive household, all is not lost. I’ve written often about the importance in finding success mentors in life. Finding a success mentor is the fast track and seamless path to success. Mentors smooth out the path for you in life.

Mentors are everywhere. You just have to seek them out. They are in your neighborhood, volunteering at non-profits, at work, at school, in books and on the Internet.

Don’t be a victim, whose life is dictated by their current circumstances. Finding a success mentor will enable you to alter your circumstances. Don’t let fear hold you back from asking someone to mentor you. Make finding your success mentor your life’s obsession.

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  1. Be up front. Let your mentor know what your goals are and what you hope to take away from the program.

  2. Thanks to THOMAS C. CORLEY for give this massage to us. I think behind every success must had a hard story. I think this topic will a motivational massage for those people who want to became a professional in CFP passion.

    Thanks a lot for share your experience.

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