16 Qualities of a Good Mentor


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Finding a mentor in life is the fast track to success. In my Rich Habits Study, 93% of the self-made millionaires who accumulated the most wealth in the shortest amount of time said that they had a mentor who taught them what to do and what not to do. A good mentor takes the “risk” out of success.

So, what qualities should you look for in a mentor? A good mentor should have the following 16 qualities:

  1. They have an infectious positive outlook – Good mentors have a positive, optimistic outlook on life that infects you like a virus.
  2. They are patient – Good mentors are patient. They understand that the skills and knowledge they are sharing with you will take time to digest.
  3. They are likeable – You need to like your mentor. A good mentor is someone you like being around.
  4. They are generous with their time – Good mentors devote time to your development.
  5. They hold you accountable – Good mentors always circle back with you and make sure fulfill your role as a mentee. If they ask you to do something, a good mentor will follow-up to make sure you did what they asked you to do.
  6. They are demanding – Good mentors push you outside your comfort zone. They understand that growth occurs outside the comfort zone.
  7. They are considerate – Good mentors understand that sometimes life goes wrong and they give you space to deal with life’s problems. They are sympathetic (to a point).
  8. They are responsive – Good mentors respond to your needs and provide you with the tools and information to help you develop the skills and knowledge to grow.
  9. They are empathetic – Good mentors understand your pain. Growth is painful and they get it.
  10. They have good habits – Good mentors have their own set of good habits that they are happy to share with you.
  11. They are humble – Good mentors check their egos at the door. Their humility creates a comfortable learning environment.
  12. They are good communicators – Good mentors are able to communicate complex concepts in a language you understand and are in constant communication with you.
  13. They are process-driven – Good mentors have processes that work and can be learned.
  14. They are accessible – Good mentors are available. They are never too busy to invest their time in you.
  15. They are inspiring – Good mentors pump you up, motivate you and inspire you to push yourself.
  16. They are successful – Good mentors have a proven track record. They are successful in their field.
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