Is Your Ideology Working For You or Against You?


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Everyone has an ideology. Ideology is indoctrinated thinking that you have accepted and that has become habitual.

  • Teachers have an ideology.
  • Union members have an ideology.
  • Physicians have an ideology.
  • Democrats and Republicans have their ideologies.
  • Tesla employees have their ideology.
  • Employees of Apple, FaceBook and Google have their specific ideologies.
  • Rich people and poor people have their ideologies.

You have an ideology, whether you realize it or not.

And I have one question for you:

Is your ideology working for you?

A good ideology is one that helps you become successful in life. It indoctrinates you with thinking that leads to success. It inspires you to learn and to grow. It infuses you with motivation and a desire to achieve.

Most are not successful. And if you’re like most, your ideology is holding you back in life. It’s acting like an anchor, dragging you down and preventing you from realizing success.

Whatever career you have, you must adopt the ideology that only those at the top of your industry possess. That is why it is so important to associate with those who are successful. Their ideology infects you like a virus. And you want to become infected.

Find those at the top in your industry. Ask them to breakfast, lunch or for a few drinks after work. Start building a relationship with them. Learn their ideology. Then, adopt it.

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