Survive or Thrive?


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Your mindset lays the foundation for the life you will have.


Those raised in a household with a scarcity mindset see life as a battle for survival. As a result, you are focused on what you do not have – you focus on what you lack and you spend your life fighting to get by. You see the world, your environment, as a struggle for survival.


Those raised in a household with an abundance mindset see life as filled with unlimited opportunity. As a result, you are focused on possibilities – you focus on pursuing your dreams, goals and and spend your life becoming the person you need to be in order to realize your dreams and goals.

If you who were raised in poverty, you very likely have adopted a Survive Mindset. Those rare few who break free from the Survive Mindset and adopt a Thrive Mindset set themselves up for success. They seek to grow and improve every day.

The circumstances you were born and raised in are not etched in stone. The springboard for success in life is your mindset. How you see life will dictate the life you create. Do you want to survive or do you want to thrive?




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  1. The thrive mindset is learning to accept failure and not ever giving up. Experience is what will get you there. Great article.

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