Is the Pursuit of Success Worth the Cost of Success?


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The pursuit of success requires many course corrections. Things go wrong. Most unexpected. These unanticipated events cost you time, money and create emotional stress.

If you have the financial resources, you are able to learn from those mistakes and make adjustments. You fine tune the process.

But if your financial resources are limited, those unanticipated events leave behind a trail of tears – memories that become railroad tracks on the brain.

While pursuing success, you are continuously filled with doubts and spend an inordinate amount of time ruminating about your failures and mistakes. In effect, you torture yourself by questioning all of the decisions that led to those mistakes and failures.

Until success happens. Success has a way of washing away all of those mistakes, failures, bad decisions and the emotional baggage you accumulate along the journey.

Success makes it all worthwhile. It provides a fresh coat of paint. It validates your efforts, your decisions and the innumerable mistakes and failures.

Success clears away all of your doubts and imbues you with a renewed sense of confidence because you survived the journey.

Is it worth it? Is the pursuit of success worth the cost of success?

For the self-made millionaires in my study the answer is yes. Success creates a legacy that benefits many generations of family members.

When you realize success, you are able to smooth the path for your children and your grandchildren. Their improved lives become your legacy: better education, more freedom to chose their path in life, financial security and increased happiness.

When you pursue success, it’s not just for you. You do it because, deep down, you know that your success will benefit many others.








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  1. Success should be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Always make sure the goals you are striving for match who you are as a person.

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