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Pareto Principle: 20% of all activities produce 80% of all results.

Stated another way: we waste 80% of our time on activities that are meaningless.

How do you know if you are wasting your time?

The only individuals who are focused on activities that produce results are those who have created a blueprint for their lives and are following that blueprint. Successful individuals are those individuals who pursue activities that create a life that is consistent with their blueprint. Most don’t have a blueprint, so most are wasting their time.

I’ve written often about the importance of Dream-Setting and Goal-Setting.

Dream-Setting is a process in which you create a script of your ideal, perfect life (500 – 1,000 words) and then bullet point all of the dreams within that script that need to come true in order to make that life a reality.

Goal-Seting is the process of creating and pursuing the goals (the action steps) that enable you to realize your dreams. It may take three or more goals in order to realize just one dream. When you accomplish a goal, you are pursuing activities that create results that matter.

Without a blueprint, there really is no way to know which activities are important. Without a blueprint, there is no way to know if your activities are creating results that will produce the life you desire. Without a blueprint, you are leaving it all to chance.

Individuals who have created a blueprint do not waste their time on activities that will not produce results that lead to the life of their dreams. Individuals with a blueprint say no often. They only focus on things that matter.

With a blueprint, you are able to focus on fewer activities that produce results that will create the life of your dreams. With a blueprint, you are able to stop yourself from wasting 80% of your time.






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