Don’t Wait Until the Time is Right For the Teacher to Appear


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You could be told by 100 different people that you need to lose weight, moderate your consumption of alcohol, read every day in order to grow, call your mother, or (fill in the blank).

Most ignore the advice given by others. Until something happens in your life that opens your eyes and your ears. When your perspective changes on something, you become more receptive to advice.

It may be a visit to your doctor, where you learn that you suddenly have high blood pressure or learn  that your liver is unhealthy. Suddenly, you find yourself exercising, eating right and moderating your consumption of alcohol.

You might get fired from your job. Suddenly, you find yourself reading more about the things you need to know in order to become more expert in what you do.

You might learn that your mother is unhealthy. Suddenly, you find yourself calling her every day.

Those who succeed in life are perpetual students. Their eyes and ears are always open. They don’t wait until the timing is right in order to take the advice of others.

Keeping your eyes and ears open to advice is a Rich Habit. It takes practice to develop this habit.

Don’t be like everyone else and wait until some outside event forces you to open your eyes and ears to advice. Make it a daily habit of being open to the feedback and advice of others.


Create an Advice Binder. In this binder you write down all of the advice you get from others. Then review your Advice Binder once a week. This keeps your eyes and ears open to advice. This habit will help program your mind to do the right things in life; to live your life in such a way as to avoid having to face circumstances that force your eyes and ears to open up.





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  1. I agree. Start now. Don’t wait for a pivotal moment to do something.

  2. Great advice however few will take it. I have been a physician for about two decades working with people on their lifestyle habits. Over years I have learnt that health is the reflection of general attitude towards life. Those who succeed, succeed everywhere, in work, relationships, and health. Those who have meager jobs, meager relationships also tend to have meager health.
    Change and effort is needed for those who aren`t successful, but change means “unknown” and effort means “stress”, two factors that many try to avoid. This is where successfull people differ. They see challenges as “opportunity to grow” not an effort with unknown outcome. I always try to remember that when I am faced with an adversity. DrD

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