Your Thoughts Become Things


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Thoughts become things. 

Repetitive thoughts tied to any emotion, good or bad, creates neural pathways in the brain. The brain cannot distinguish between a repetitive thought that is based in reality or one that is a false reality. 

This is why it is so important to control your thoughts.

If your thoughts are positive, upbeat and focused on your ideal reality, the subconscious part of your brain (Brain Stem and Limbic System) will get to work to bring that new reality into existence. 

Daily affirmations, spoken with emotion, just after waking in the morning and just before bedtime, allow the subconscious part of the brain and the conscious part of the brain (Pre-Frontal Cortex) to communicate with one another. This is because when we are waking up or falling to sleep we are in the first phase of sleep, called Alpha phase.

Alpha phase opens the pathway between the subconscious mind and conscious mind via the Corpus Callosum, the mass of brain tissue that separates the right side of the brain from the left side of the brain. The Corpus Callosum also happens to be connected to the three major parts of the brain: Cortex, Limbic System and Brain Stem.






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