Born Again


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We often hear the phrase “born again” in the context of religion. Those who are “born again” go through a transformation, that almost always is significant and dramatic.

They learn new things, their beliefs change, their habits change, they associate with different people who share their views, etc.. In short, their life changes significantly.

When you are “born again” there is usually a wholesale change in your life, top to bottom.

Those who make the courageous decision to pursue a dream go through a similar process. You need to learn everything about your dream. You must become an expert in the industry your dream occupies.

Typically, this involves acquiring new knowledge by reading everything you can get your hands on related to your dream. It also requires that you learn new skills and practice those new skills over and over again until you become expert in those new skills.

It also requires that you eliminate old beliefs that hold you back from pursuing your dream. So, you acquire new beliefs; beliefs that fuel your ability to realize your dream.

Dreams also affect your habits. You must adopt the habits of those in your industry who are successful and get rid of old habits that hold you back from realizing your dream.

Lastly, you must change who you associate with. You must find those individuals who can help you open up doors in order to realize your dream.

If you want to succeed in realizing a dream, you cannot remain who you are. You cannot continue to do what you’ve been doing. You must change your knowledge base, your skills, your habits and who you associate with. You must be “born again” into the person who you need to be in order to realize your dream.






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