Are You a Fast Walker or Slow Walker?


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Are you a fast walker? Are you a slow walker? There’s a big difference.

There are many studies on individuals who walk fast vs. individuals who walk slow. These studies all seem to highlight the following characteristics of these diverse individuals:


  • Leaders (Rich Habit)
  • Make Frequent Mistakes (Rich Habit if it = a learning experience)
  • Value Time (Rich Habit)
  • Confident (Rich Habit)
  • Ambitious (Rich Habit)
  • Risk Takers (Rich Habit if Calculated Risk)
  • Decision Makers (Rich Habit)
  • Strong Work Ethic (Rich Habit)


  • Make Frequent Mistakes (Poor Habit if no learning experience)
  • Too Many Toxic Relationships (Poor Habit)
  • Spontaneous spenders (Poor Habit)
  • Risk Takers (Poor Habit if Ignorant Risk)
  • Say what’s on their mind (Poor Habit)
  • Emotional (Poor Habit)
  • Limited Willpower (Poor Habit)
  • Impatient (Poor Habit)


  • Strong Willpower (Rich Habit)
  • Persistent (Rich Habit because success requires persistence)
  • Gatherers of Knowledge (Rich Habit)
  • Defer Gratification (Rich Habit)
  • Pursue Dreams (Rich Habit)
  • Goal-Driven (Rich Habit)
  • Savers (Rich Habit)
  • More Rich Relationships and Few Toxic Relationships (Rich Habits)
  • Patient (Rich Habit)
  • Make Few Mistakes (Rich Habit if mistake avoided is do to planning)


  • Risk Averse (Poor Habit)
  • Miss Opportunities (Poor Habit driven by fear of action)
  • Fearful (Poor Habit)
  • Make Few Mistakes (Poor Habit if mistake avoided is do to fear of taking action)

The three most powerful Rich Habits Slow Walkers have over Fast Walkers are: Persistence, More Rich Relationships and Strong Willpower.

These three Rich Habits are fundamental to success. Without persistence, you will never succeed. Rich Relationships open doors and Toxic Relationships distract. And without strong willpower, you will never be able to change your habits.

So, in my view, Slow Walkers have the advantage in life, when it comes to success.

Are you a Fast Walker or a Slow Walker? How many of your friends and relationships are Fast Walkers or Slow Walkers? Just something to think about.







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