Success is Color Blind

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I was listening to my favorite radio host, Mark Levin, recently. A woman called in. She was very angry. She said she was a black woman. She told Mark, “you white people hate us. You hold us back.”

Then I thought about Ray Charles. Ray Charles is an icon. He was, in my opinion, one of the greatest musicians, period. Ray was black. He was also blind. He battled drug addiction for many years. And yet, he succeeded.

Why? Because Ray Charles didn’t care that he was black. Ray Charles didn’t care that he was blind. He only cared about one thing. His music. His passion to succeed gave him superpowers. Ray Charles’ unlimited beliefs propelled him to greatness. That’s what the right beliefs do. They give you superpowers.

But most muddle through life blaming everyone and everything for their circumstances.

If you believe white people are holding you back, you are right.

If you believe black people are holding you back, you are right.

If you believe illegal immigrants are holding you back, you are right.

Limiting beliefs are a cancer on society. Don’t allow limiting beliefs even a second of life. They will hold you back from the life you were intended to live.

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  1. Might want to change title to “Color” Blind instead of “colored” blind to avoid an unintended pun.

    I am Black and you are a role model for me. I graduated from U of Illinois w/ an accy degree + a finance degree and I’m 1/2 way to my CPA, with 5 yrs accounting experience, currently in HealthCare IT.

    I agree a victimhood mindset is a self-imposed handicap in life. I agree with you post. However, “Colored Blind” can be seen as subtlety politically incorrect, as the word “Colored” is no longer appropriate to describe people.

    • Thank you! Made the change.

      • Thank you!

        Your post about how much work you had to do to get Rich Habits published was very inspirational and made me a fan! I purchased the audiobook version of Rich Habits and Change Your Habits Change Your LIfe and listened after reading and article on a financial blog (forgot which one). It’s great that you share your wisdom, although the masses may not do what it takes or put it into action – those who do will be blessed (God willing Prov. 21:31).

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