How to Leverage Fear and Anger


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Fear and anger are negative emotions. You might think that all negative emotions hamper success. Most of the time they do. However, fear and anger are unique negative emotions in that they can actually motivate you to succeed more so than any positive emotion. Let me explain.

Fear generally holds your back from success. It stops most in their tracks. But for those who are pursuing something they are intensely passionate about, fear is often overpowered by passion and that passion gives you the juice you need to dive into a dream or big goal.

Fear eventually rears its head, shortly after you begin your pursuit. Some give into the fear and reverse course, ending their pursuit of the dream or big goal. But a few are able to use that fear in a healthy way. Fear can give you superhuman courage, when the alternative is failure or bankruptcy. When you have no choice but to succeed, fear takes a back seat to courage. When you put yourself into situations in which failure is not an option, you will surprise yourself. Humans have an incredible ability to rise to the occasion.

Anger, next to love, is probably the most powerful emotion we have. For most, anger is catastrophic. It impairs your ability to think clearly by shutting down your prefrontal cortex – the executive command and control center of the brain. But, when controlled properly, anger can give you superhuman powers that push you towards realizing a dream and achieving your goals.

Anger can stimulate creative, out of the box, thinking that enables you to outmaneuver a competitor, adversary, problem or any obstacles standing in your way. Anger, when used in the right way can force you to perform at levels you never imagined possible.






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