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Successful people are admired in so many ways. They are seen by many as smarter, harder working and visionaries. They are also credited with unique, almost superhuman traits, such as vigorous energy, greater focus, unrelenting persistence, unbridled optimism, unbreakable confidence and superior decision-making abilities.

I have written many times that ALL of those traits derive from one source – passion. Passion turns on all of the success traits that reside inside each and every one of us. But what triggers passion in the first place? Where does it come from?

Emotional Energy is the source of all passion. Emotional Energy endows one with seemingly superhuman powers.

Willpower Energy is the energy most rely on to change their habits and get things done. Willpower Energy, however, is short-lived. It eventually fades away. This is why so many are unable to stick to their New Year’s resolutions. Their Willpower Energy fades away and the new habit eventually fades away.

Emotional Energy, on the other hand, is far more potent and durable (longer-lasting) than Willpower Energy. It is where passion comes from. 

There are several types of emotions that spawn Emotional Energy:

  • Love
  • Anger
  • Disgust
  • Ego
  • Vanity (a cousin of Ego)
  • Embarrassment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Envy

Each one of these emotions endows you with Emotional Energy, which liberates your inner passion.






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  1. Hi Tom,
    I enjoy your articles and look forward to read them each morning because they are insightful, inspiring, and to-the-point. I would like them more if you can substantiate with examples. While I agree passion is the emotional energy, one most also aligns with purpose, gifts, and core values to sustain momentum. I am a single mom; I want to follow with my passion, purpose and at the same take care of real life needs for daughter and work out my financial challenges since I have been a stay-at-home-mom for many years. I would appreciate your insightful advice. Thank you!

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