Do You Really Know Me?


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How much do you know about those who matter to you? Your immediate family, you probably know everything about them. You know their birthdays, you know what schools they attended. You probably know the names of their old girlfriends or boyfriends. You know the names of their best friends growing up. You know what their favorite sports are.  You might even know what books they like to read, their favorite songs and favorite movies. When it comes to your immediate family, you very likely know everything there is to know about them. And that’s what keeps you so close.

So, how much do you know about the important non-family members of your life? How much do you know about your friends, the friends of your children, their parents, their teachers, your partners, your clients, your customers, your colleagues at work, their wives, their kids, your subordinates at work, their families, your boss and your boss’s family, your main vendors or your banker? How much do you really know about the most important people in your life?

Wealthy, successful people, the ones in my study at least, know everything there is to know about the people who are responsible for helping them become so successful. To the wealthy, relationships are like gold. They gather information on the significant people in their lives like squirrels gather acorns. And they do this because they figured out, a long time before they became millionaires, that relationships are one of the most important pieces to the success puzzle.





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  1. Dear Tom Corley,
    I received your great articles – Rich Habits daily. It was introduced to me by Michael Yardney.
    Thank you very much. They are very helpful and inspiring. I read them every time and try to live by it. I observed you, like most ‘rich successful’ people are so willing and happy to share your knowledge and help others succeed. Michael was like that, always giving advice and ever willing to assist professionally. Thank you always.

    Boon Ang. Melbourne.

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