Why Success is so Sweet


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The price of success is huge. It requires enormous sacrifices: long hours, financial investment, lost family time, lost friend time, mental frustration, emotional turmoil, hard decisions, forced habit change, deferring many of life’s pleasures, lost relationships, loss of a consistent paycheck, loss of downtime, lost holidays and vacations and many other things.

You must give up so much in the pursuit of success. So, why would anyone pursue success?

Because success is worth the sacrifices. Why success is so sweet:

  • Redemption – Success is a big exclamation point that you were right.
  • Wealth – Success can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Freedom – Success buys you freedom. Freedom from wage slavery and freedom to do the things others only dream of.
  • Increased Opportunities – Success is a magnet for new opportunities; opportunities you are able to take advantage of.
  • Foes Become Fans, Adversaries Become Allies – Detractors are proven wrong and change their thinking about you.
  • People Treat You Better – Self interest drives human behavior. People will want to participate in your success and will treat you like a king in order for become part of your success.
  • Your Confidence Skyrockets – Success boosts your confidence; it fills your confidence bucket up all at once.
  • Your Optimism Soars – Success is like steroids for a positive mental outlook. It changes the lens through which you see the world. Everything seems possible when you succeed.
  • Less Fear of Fear – Success increases your courage to take on new opportunities. You no longer fear failure, obstacles and potential pitfalls because you experienced all of those things and still came out on top.
  • Growth – Success changes who you are. Your pursuit of success forces you to grow in many ways. You become more knowledgable and more skilled at what you do. You develop new relationships along the way. You become relevant.
  • You Can Make a Difference – The fruits of success allows you to help improve the lives of your family, friends and those in your community.
  • Revenge – Success is the sweetest revenge. Living a good life is the best revenge.







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  1. This is a great update Thomas, thanks for spreading the wealth of knowledge. I like how short and concise this list was. A very powerful punch to help revamp some of us that are feeling drained and un-inspired in their life’s work.

    Thanks again!
    Manifest Millennial

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