Stand Out and Escape the Herd


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Like him or not, Donald Trump stood out. His Presidential campaign was successful because he was seen as not part of the herd that had ignored so many Americans – the so-called establishment: Democrats, Republicans, government and the media.

There is risk stepping outside the herd. Herds offer protection. There is power in numbers. But successful people do just that – they step outside the herd. They blaze their own path. And if you want to succeed, you must stand out from the crowd.

Fitting in only allows you to be as successful as the herd. Standing apart from the herd, while risky, offers you unlimited opportunity for success. The ultimate objective in stepping outside the herd is to pull others into your herd.

That’s what successful, wealthy people do best – they create new herds and get others to join in. Eventually, their herds grow large enough to get the attention of others. Not wanted to be left out of the new herd, they jump on board. Think Facebook, Apple, Amazon. These companies separated themselves from the mainstream and formed their own separate herds. Success, and eventually, wealth followed. Now millions have joined their herds, making the founders billionaires.

It takes courage to separate yourself from the crowd. Fear holds most back from leaving the comfort of their herds. But wealth does not come to those who fit in. Wealth, instead, is drawn to those who stand out from the crowd. If success and wealth is something you desire you must stand out and escape the herd.





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  1. The best ones are those who can stand out from the crowd by becoming a memorable flower — one that moves us, inspires us, and makes us think hard.

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