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According to my research 79% of successful entrepreneurs network five or more hours each month. Networking with others in your industry is critical to gaining the expertise you need to succeed. The ability to be mentored by experienced individuals shortens the learning curve inherent in any new venture, saving you time and money. Being able to pick the brains of those who have already made the costly mistakes and know what to do and what not to do is smart. The more you network with others in your industry, the greater the likelihood you will avoid the pitfalls and traps new entrepreneurs experience.

It is far easier to network today than ever before. Digital networks such as Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and blog sites offer an efficient and convenient alternative to formal in-person networking groups. Plus many digital networking sites, like Interactive Minds host interactive networking events without the need to travel.

For those who feel uncomfortable schmoozing with others face to face, interactive networking enables you to participate without the discomfort. It’s easy to join these groups no matter what country you live in.

For those who need human interaction, there are many networking groups right within your community that are specific to your industry. makes it easy to find a local group within your area of expertise. You can even create your own Meetup group if you like and invite others to join.

Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with a network of experts they can tap to help them anticipate or overcome obstacles that are inherent in any entrepreneurial pursuit. If you’re a neophyte entrepreneur, networking will help you survive and thrive. In time, you’ll find two or three individuals within your network who become your informal board of directors, helping guide you along your path towards success.







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  1. Dina Tarini says:

    Whether you are rich or poor, you will never be “happy” in this world. So-called ” happiness” is just a temporary absence of misery. You cannot stay happy, not possible in this world. The best you can do is some level of contentment, knowing full well there will be ups and downs in that too, that just have to be managed. This be rich and be happy theory is nonsence and it gives the population false hope, and worse, the sense that there is something wrong with them if they are not rich and “happy.” There is a place where you can be happy eternally, as the spirit soul is eternal, and when united again with God, the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna, in a mood of sincere service, happiness will ensue. We have fallen to the material realm, (this earth and other planets in the material universes) due to wanting to do our own thing separate from God, we want to be like God, to be God, and all those that are here are envious of God and want to enjoy independently of Him. The population want to be masters of all they survey, God’s position, and not servants.
    This is the bitter pill no one wants to swallow, but is the truth and the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. Those who are “money rich” is due to their karma this life round, but not every rich person is “happy” , and when their good karma bank account runs out, again there will be absence of material wealth. You only have to study the “Rothchilds” family to know that material wealth does not provide happiness. What about the Kennedy family, not only wealth but prestige and fame. Misery after misery, their wealth has not saved them from misery. You are irresponsible and exploiting the ignorant population who know no better.
    All Glories to the Supreme Lord Sri Krisna, Reality the Beautiful. The Emporium of all Rasas.
    The Protector of the Sincere Devotees.

    “Live a Life of Service and you will never have to serve in this life.”

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