What Outcome Do You Seek?


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What do you want out of life?

For the 177 self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study the answers were always the same: I want to live the life of my dreams.

These unique individuals focused on a vision of the life they desired. For some, it was financial independence. For others, it was freedom from being a wage slave.

Each self-made millionaire had spent time creating a blueprint of the life they desired. They focused on the outcome.

When you focus on the outcomes you desire, the obstacles, pitfalls, and hurdles you must overcome in the pursuit of that outcome, become less arduous.

Having a vision of your ideal life empowers you. It gives you clarity. This allows you to focus on the outcome, rather than means to that outcome. You will climb any mountain, break through any barriers, overcome any obstacles when you are clear on your destination.

Without a clear picture of the ideal life you desire, obstacles become insurmountable. They stop you in your tracks. Without a destination, obstacles become the focal point.

But when you shift your focus to the outcome you desire, those obstacles lose their invincibility. They become just another challenge, another thing to overcome. Focusing on a desired outcome forces you to find alternative paths to help you navigate around those obstacles that stand between you and your destination. When you focus on the outcome, obstacles cease being a stop sign or a dead end and become mere deviations, forcing you to alter your route towards your destination.

Focus on the outcome you desire and you will open up your mind to creative solutions to any problem that stands between you and your destination.






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