Chose One Thing and Beat it into Submission


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“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” – Winston Churchill

Success demands obsession. In order to succeed, you must become fanatically obsessed with one thing for a long period of time. It requires a laser-like focus on one thing at a time which means you must ignore anything that distracts you from your obsession. This is one of the many reasons why successful people rely on a team to help them succeed. Those teammates deal with the distractions.

In my research, I saw this fundamental law of success at work. Every self-made millionaire was obsessed with one thing at a time. Pursuing a dream, starting a new business, mastering a new skill or some project or initiative which became their obsession. This obsession could last months or even years.

As Winston Churchill so aptly put it in the above quote, if you are pursuing something important you must see it through to the end and not let anything distract you during your journey. Distractions are everywhere. They derail you on your journey towards success. They seduce you in taking your eye off the ball and make success impossible. Successful people become successful because they take one thing and beat it into submission. They obsess over it until they master it.


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  1. A great message. Don’t get distracted from your purpose or passion.

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