Circumstances Do Not Define You


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The circumstances of your life do not define your life. If you’re born and raised poor, the means to escape that poverty is completely within your control.

In my Rich Habits Study, I discovered that our habits dictate the circumstances of our lives. Habits are repetitive actions, thinking, choices and emotions.

Habits represent the infrastructure, or foundation, upon which you build your life. If you want to change your circumstances, you must first start by altering that foundation. You must replace the defective concrete, Poor Habits, which is causing your life to crumble, and replace it with durable concrete, Rich Habits.

When you change your habits from bad ones to good ones, the circumstances of your life will change. They have to. It’s not rocket science. It’s cause and effect. Bad habits, the cause, have the effect of creating bad life circumstances. Good habits are also a cause, however, the effect is good life circumstances.

Your circumstances do not define you. Your habits do. Change your habits and you will change the circumstances of your life.


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