Today You vs. Tomorrow You


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There are two you’s. There’s the Today You and there’s the Tomorrow You. The Today You is your enemy. The Tomorrow You is your greatest ally.

Today You

  • The Today You requires immediate gratification
  • The Today You is focused on the here and now
  • The Today You seeks pleasure
  • The Today You takes shortcuts, such as gambling, to get what they want
  • The Today You wants money and things now. They use credit cards and debt
  • The Today You prefers relaxation over exertion
  • The Today You likes to party
  • The Today You wants to sleep in
  • The Today You does not want to exercise
  • The Today You does not want to eat healthy
  • The Today You does not want to read to learn
  • The Today You does not want to work long hours
  • The Today You likes to spend money now
  • The Today You has no dreams or goals
  • The Today You has bad habits

Tomorrow You

  • The Tomorrow You requires delayed gratification
  • The Tomorrow You is focused on the future
  • The Tomorrow You forgoes pleasure
  • The Tomorrow You invests in themselves today for future rewards
  • The Tomorrow You avoids going into debt
  • The Tomorrow You eats right every day
  • The Tomorrow You exercises every day
  • The Tomorrow You works long hours in the pursuit of their dreams and goals
  • The Tomorrow You has good habits

There is a war raging inside each one of us between the Today You and the Tomorrow You. You get to decide who wins that war. For most, the Today You wins most of the time. But for a few, the Tomorrow You wins most of the time.

The Today you will make your poor, unhealthy, unhappy and unfulfilled. The Tomorrow You will make you rich, healthy, happy and fulfilled.


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