What’s Your Kryptonite?


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Know thyself and thou wilt know the universe – Pythagoras

Each individual has certain innate talents that they are born with. These innate talents are your superpowers. But unleashing your superpowers will only get you half way down the field. If you want to score in life, you need to get all the way down the field.

What prevents you from getting down the field and scoring are your weaknesses. Weaknesses are your kryptonite. They will drag you down in life.

Successful individuals devote their lives to improving and perfecting their superpowers. But they also devote their lives to avoiding their weaknesses. They stay far away from kryptonite. How?

Those who excel in life know their strengths and their weaknesses. They know their superpowers and they know their kryptonite. Then they outsource those things they are not good at by finding others whose superpowers are their weaknesses. Like an orchestra, when you find individuals who can play certain instruments you can’t play, together, you can make beautiful music. 

Self-assess and then partner with individuals who have certain strengths you lack. When you do, success comes much easier. When you don’t, your weaknesses will offset your strengths and hold you back from success.

Exploit your superpowers and avoid your kryptonite.



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