Six Months Better


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No matter what you do, time marches on. It is the one constant in life. In six months you will be six months older. During those six months, what will you have done to improve the circumstances of your life?

  • What projects did you complete?
  • What initiatives did you pursue?
  • What knowledge did you gain?
  • What did you do to improve your health?
  • Did you learn any new skills?
  • Did you develop any new relationships that will add value to your life?
  • Did you do anything that added value to the lives of others?
  • How much money did you save?
  • What new business did you bring in?
  • Did you pursue any goals during those six months?
  • In what way is you life different than before due to action you took?

Most people will not have any good answers to these questions. But those who are pursuing some dream will have many answers. They will have moved the needle in their lives, closer towards the realization of their dreams. They will have improved their knowledge, picked up new skills, developed new relationships with individuals who can help them in life. Those on the path towards greatness will have done certain things during the past six months that solidify the foundation upon which they will build the life of their dreams.

The next six months is going to come and go. What will you do with them? If you do nothing, you will continue to be stuck in life. But if you do something meaningful with the next six months, you will be six months better than you were before.


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  1. Thanks for this list! It’s better than my yearly review list that I generally use. I’m going to add it to my bullet journal and share it with my bullet journal online group.

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