The Rich Believe in Luck

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If you’re going to have beliefs one you must have, if you want to become rich, is to believe in luck. One of the fascinating things I discovered in my Rich Habits research was that virtually every self-made millionaire, at some point, got rich because they got lucky.

  • 84% of the rich attributed their good luck to their daily habits.
  • 87% of the rich said they were lucky.
  • 92% of the rich said they created their own luck.

The rich do not believe random good luck plays a role in wealth creation. They do believe, however, that you create your own luck. There are many ways the wealthy create their own luck:

  • Pursuing a Dream – Luck visits dreamers who take action on their dreams.
  • Forging Habits Around Your Dreams – Good habits are like snowflakes on a mountainside. You don’t notice the accumulation of good that they do until they produce an avalanche. Good habits create an avalanche of good luck.
  • Building Relationships with the Right People – Who are the right people? They are success-minded people who can open doors for you through their relationships. Good luck likes to associate with positive, upbeat people.
  • Learning New Things – Learning something new opens your eyes to opportunities. Opportunity is the home good luck resides in.
  • Taking Calculated Risks – Calculated risk is a type of risk that requires you to do your homework. Good luck finds the prepared.
  • Finding a Mentor – Mentors open up doors for you and steer you down the right paths in life. Good luck will find you if you are on the right path and will avoid you if you’re on the wrong path.
  • Being a Mentor – Mentees eventually become experts. Like mentors, mentees can open up doors for you. Good luck is often found behind those closed doors.
  • Staying Upbeat and Positive – Negativity shuts down part of your prefrontal cortex and effectively blinds you to opportunities. Good luck only visits optimists.
  • Staying Focused – Focus allows you to accomplish and learn things very quickly. Good luck always finds the most focused individuals.
  • Be Persistent – Devoting yourself to one thing for many years gives luck a chance to happen. The law of averages only works if you keep showing up. You have to keep taking swings day after day, month after month and year after year. Good luck always finds the persistent.


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  1. I believe in creating your own luck. You’ve got to put yourself in a position that could potentially earn you more money. All of the points you mentioned in your article really lead you down this path.

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