Success is the Tip of the Iceberg


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  • Woke up at 5 am to start my work day – check
  • One hour of technical reading today – check
  • Three mile jog today – check
  • Prepare To-Do List today – check
  • Phone pitched five companies today on my business – check
  • Two prospect meetings today – check
  • Wrap up project today – check
  • Returned all phone calls and emails today – check
  • Lunch networking meeting – check
  • Prepared for tonight’s speaking engagement – check
  • Solved two intractable problems with customers today – check
  • Rush to bank to make today’s deposits – check
  • Speaking engagement done – check
  • Home at 8pm
  • Bed by 10 pm

Every day, those who strive to become self-made millionaires juggle so many things it would make your head spin. And they do this day in day out, year after year, completely out of the spot light and oblivious to everyone except their employees and family.

Ultimately, if they do succeed, the only thing others besides employees and family see, is the fruits of that success – profitable business, nice home, new car, big bank account, etc.

Self-made millionaires deserve every dollar of their success. They earn that success in the early morning hours, when most are still fast asleep. They earn that success by navigating the financial stress pursuing success often requires. They earn that success by juggling ten things in a given day, any one of which could derail them from success. They earn that success by relinquishing family time for twelve hour work days.

What outside observers do not see is the monumental effort it takes to achieve success. Like an iceberg, all of the effort behind success is below the surface, invisible to the naked eye. But it’s there, holding aloft the success that everyone does see.

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  1. Steveark says:

    It is a hard habit to break, this morning early retired millionaire wife and me got up before 5AM and ran a few miles with a couple of other retired millionaires. While we all still manage substantial active and passive income streams none of us have to be in an office this morning. But here we are still rolling out of bed early to run, followed by a comfortably busy day of charitable volunteer work, recreation and managing the aforementioned income streams. It is just what we do and why you and your tribe are destined for success!

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