6 Ways Self-Made Millionaires Build Success Relationships


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Winners attract winners. And winners seek out other winners. What is a winner? Someone with a success mindset. What is a success mindset? It is an upbeat, positive, can-do outlook on life. It is a habit of thinking that sees opportunity and possibility everywhere.

71% of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits study stated that optimism was critical to their success in life.

You simply cannot succeed with a negative mental outlook. You see stop signs, intractable obstacles and dead ends everywhere when you have a negative outlook on life. Everything is impossible.

For this reason, successful people seek out and foster relationships with other success-minded, optimistic people. They avoid building relationships with negative people because negative people bring them down and infect them with doubt.

There are six ways self-made millionaires build relationships with other like-minded people:

  1. Hello Call – Periodic calls made to relationships you would like to keep or strengthen. Typically, these are monthly calls.
  2. Happy Birthday Calls – They pick up the phone and call their success relationships on the phone. This is less efficient than birthday cards, emails or texts but it is 10X more effective.
  3. Life Event Calls – These are calls made when something important happens in the life of one of your success relationships. Examples: birth of a child, anniversary, wedding, death, illness, hospitalization, promotion, retirement, etc.
  4. Networking – This could be formal or informal. Formal is when you are part of a networking group. Informal is when you ask someone out to breakfast, lunch or to have beers.
  5. Volunteering – Many individuals that head non-profits are successful individuals. When you volunteer, you are able to build relationships with successful people who run those organizations.
  6. Mastermind Group – This is typically a weekly or monthly meeting with no more than six individuals who are doing what you do for a living. These meetings enable you to learn what to do and what not to do without having to learn it from the school of hard knocks.

If you want to be rich and successful, hang out with rich, successful people and avoid negative people like the plague.

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