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Successful people are lucky. They are lucky because they do certain little things every day to create the opportunity for luck to occur in their lives. The successful process good luck into their lives every day. How?

They forge specific, good daily habits that create the opportunity for luck to occur. What are those habits?

  • Build Powerful Relationships – The successful build relationships with others who can open the right doors for them. They do this via Happy Birthday Calls, Hello Calls, Life Event Calls, Mentoring Others and building Partnerships with other success-minded people.
  • Positive Thinking – The successful are open-minded, optimistic, enthusiastic about everything.
  • Daily Growth – The successful constantly grow their knowledge and perfect their skills. They do this by forging the daily habit of self-education reading and by daily practice.
  • Dream-Setting – The successful are dreamers who take action on their dreams.
  • Pursuit of Goals – The successful take action on their dreams by pursuing goals around those dreams every day.
  • Persistence – The successful never quit on their dreams and the goals behind their dreams. Through persistence, they eventually get lucky. That luck creates an avalanche of success.
  • Take Risks – The successful take risks others shy away from. They put everything on the line in order to realize a dream.
  • Healthy Living – The successful engage in daily exercise that keeps their brains and their bodies healthy. They eat healthy foods that feed their brain and their bodies.

If you want to succeed you must get lucky. But luck is not outside your control. You can create good luck. In order to create the opportunity for good luck to occur, you must forge daily habits that lay the foundation for luck to occur.

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