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All self-made millionaires have one thing in common – they are all disruptors. They disrupt their industry, disrupt the status quo and disrupt society. They cause individuals to alter their behavior and thinking.

Disruptors change the way each industry does business. They are all around you:

  • Donald Trump is disrupting the political establishment.
  • Elon Musk is disrupting three industries (rocket, automobile and solar energy).
  • Steve Jobs also disrupted three industries (computer, music and the movie industry).
  • Jeff Bezos is another disrupting numerous industries (traditional book publishing industry, book seller industry and the retail industry).

Most self-made millionaire disruptors fly below the radar and you’ve probably never heard of them. But they are out there disrupting their industry locally. I know a few of them intimately thanks to my research on the daily habits of the rich.

If you want to change your life financially, become a disruptor. Disruptors pursue some big dream as their main purpose in life. They change the world we live in for the better and make millions when they succeed. Who and what are you disrupting? Find a worthwhile dream to pursue that will disrupt a local industry and pursue it as your main purpose in life. It takes time to succeed but when you do, it will change your life and those around you for the better.



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