Entrepreneurs in Wonderland


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Starting a business leads you downs paths you’d otherwise never tread. For most, this uncertainty is way beyond their comfort zone, so they hold on to dear life to employment. But for those few brave souls who venture into the looking glass of entrepreneurship, they are in for the experience of a lifetime.

In the beginning, that experience is fraught with many unknowns. The obstacles and pitfalls force you to change, to grow and to learn very quickly what to do and what not to do. Sometimes the lessons are painful, but only in pain can you appreciate pleasure. Eventually, you will figure things out, get it right, develop processes to prevent further mishaps and experience the wonderland of entrepreneurship – more money, more control over your time and more freedom.

Along your Wonderland adventure you will meet many interesting people. Some will discourage you, others will take advantage of you, a few will talk a great game but fail to deliver on their promises and there will be those you meet who will actively stand in your way, preventing you from moving forward. This downside of entrepreneurship is a learning experience. Eventually, you will be able to see these types of people a mile away and avoid them.

But, along your journey, you will also meet some people who will help you. These individuals will energize and inspire you. They will open doors for you. They will mentor you. They will go out of their way to steer you in the right direction. This is the upside of entrepreneurship. Eventually, you will also be able to see these types of people a mile away and learn to embrace their help.

Fortune favors the brave. Luck visits entrepreneurs in a way that can never be anticipated. Luck favors the bold and the brave. All luck asks is that you take action. There is a Wonderland of opportunities out there but you only have one life to find out what those opportunities are.

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