Self-Made is a Mindset


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What does self-made mean? Self-made means you are able to rise from poverty or the middle-class to become rich and successful.

But self-made is a mindset. In order to become self-made you must first think like a self-made person.

How do Self-made’s think?

  • Self-Made’s Think Like an Owner – They take ownership of everything they do. Taking ownership means making your job, whatever it is, your personal domain. You become expert in it. You seek to control and oversee the process.
  • Self-Made’s Think Bigger – Thinking bigger means having a vision of the future you. You pursue dreams and stretch goals that will force you out of your comfort zone and enable you to grow as an individual.
  • Self-Made’s Run Towards Responsibility – Self-made’s continuously seek more responsibility. Increased responsibility also force you outside your comfort zone and enables you to grow as an individual.
  • Self-Made’s Embrace Risks – Self-made’s fear risk but do not allow that fear to dictate taking action. Self-made’s have developed the habit of running towards and not away from risk. You can never become truly successful without taking risks.
  • Self-Made’s Take Action – Self-made’s are action oriented. They are impatient with endless planning. They prefer to dive into the waters and learn how to swim. They like to figure things out through trial and error.
  • Self-Made’s Are Not Afraid of Failure – Self-made’s pursue things they know could lead to failure in order to learn what to do and what not to do. This failure learning allows them to grow as an individual.
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  1. i have read the self made’s mindset article which really made me think again.
    Fear played a bigger role in my life and which was not supposed to be the case and with hindsight fear should really encourage you to look ahead and confront fear by taking actions.

    I think that going forward, fear must be embraced.

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