Larry Kane: Voice of Reason

Tom Corley joins a panel of experts (a financial advisor, and a former financial advisor who now focuses on teaching business principles to high school students) on Larry Kane’s weekly news analysis show to discuss financial issues for 2014.

Learn about diversification, risk management, building good daily habits, and teaching those habits to our youth.


The Dawn Show, Rich Habits Interview #3

Escape your “negative thinking” lifestyle; stop being envious of your neighbors and friends.

Rich Habits will move you from the dark side to the light side, to happiness and gratitude.

In just thirty days, you can start to turn your life around!

Learn more in Tom Corley’s interview on The Dawn Show.

Dawn Show, Rich Habits Interview #2

How can you convert poor habits into rich habits?  Tom Corley discusses strategies and techniques on the Dawn Show.

Learn about the keys to success and a happy future!

The Dawn Show – Rich Habits Interview

You’re a small business owner, you work long hours, you hire great workers, but suddenly, you can’t make payroll.

What are you doing wrong?  What’s the difference between you and your neighbor, who doesn’t seem to struggle as much?

Learn about the Rich Habits, and how you can put yourself on the path to wealth today!

CBS News: Rich Habits Interview with Kate Sullivan


Our daily habits are responsible for our financial situation in life – it’s as simple as that.

What daily habits lead to wealth?  Six of the most important are:

  1. Wake up early.
  2. Exercise daily.
  3. Write a to-do list and accomplish 70% of it.
  4. Limit recreational internet use.
  5. Read daily.
  6. Rarely Gossip

The Dave Ramsey Show: Rich Habits Discussion

Are your habits creating your wealth or keeping you broke?

In this video, Dave Ramsey introduces the Rich Habits, citing the importance of habits in any endeavor we may pursue.  This radio interview takes place just before his July 19th, 2013 interview with Tom Corley. Topics include gossip, reality television, and recreational Internet use. If you fear success or wealth, do not watch the video as you may get uncomfortable with these revelations.

Dave Ramsey’s Rich Habits Introduction (Mini Transcript):

Wealth is built by your habits.  If you want to be skinny, do what skinny people do.  If you want to be married fifty years, do what people that have been married fifty years do.  If you want to win at business and leadership, do what great business leaders do.  In business we call that best practices…

Yahoo! Financially Fit: 30 Days to Financial Health

While we know better than to believe those “get rich quick” schemes, this video reveals a five-step plan that promises to at least perk up your financial life in just 30 days.

Author and financial planner Tom Corley has spent nearly five years studying the daily habits of those he characterizes as “wealthy” and “poor” and says whether you need a total financial overhaul or just a little breathing room in your budget, you can make improvements in roughly a month — starting with what he calls the “reinvention” habit.

It’s the first rich habit for a reason. You need to reassess where you are in your life if you want to change. As part of your reinvention, it’s important to visualize those bad habits. He says grab a pen and a paper and be brutally honest. List your imperfections and, in a neighboring column, jot down the reverse positive. For instance, “I need to exercise” becomes “I exercise 30 minutes a day.” “I watch too much TV,” gets flipped to “I limit TV to an hour a day.” [Read more…]