Tip of the Week – The Benefits of Daily Non-Fiction Reading

Daily reading ties into the rich habit of personal and professional development.  The wealthy constantly fine-tune their skills, keep up with industry developments, and learn new things.  Like anything else, the type of content we consume can have a huge impact on how we grow and what sort of opportunities become available.  Tom recommends focusing more on self-help, self-improvement, educational, and similar materials.

As Tom explains, the wealthy spend 30 minutes or more a day studying information related to their career or profession (perhaps new ventures they are considering as well).  They do this day in and day out, like brushing their teeth.  This helps them find opportunities that they may not have realized existed otherwise.  Better yet, this discipline builds up your confidence and capabilities.

Remember: your habits determine your success.

Focus Forward – Hitha Palepu on Making Travel Easier for Everyone

World traveler, pharmaceutical business developer and packing consultant, Hitha Palepu who writes “Hitha On The Go” joins Tom Corley on Focus Forward. Hitha has a wealth of knowledge on how to maximize flight benefits, travel programs and enjoy your trips more. As owner of Portavi Company, Hitha helps clients pack for their trips. If you’re “on the go,” you won’t want to miss this show.

Yahoo! Financially Fit: 30 Days to Financial Health

While we know better than to believe those “get rich quick” schemes, this video reveals a five-step plan that promises to at least perk up your financial life in just 30 days.

Author and financial planner Tom Corley has spent nearly five years studying the daily habits of those he characterizes as “wealthy” and “poor” and says whether you need a total financial overhaul or just a little breathing room in your budget, you can make improvements in roughly a month — starting with what he calls the “reinvention” habit.

It’s the first rich habit for a reason. You need to reassess where you are in your life if you want to change. As part of your reinvention, it’s important to visualize those bad habits. He says grab a pen and a paper and be brutally honest. List your imperfections and, in a neighboring column, jot down the reverse positive. For instance, “I need to exercise” becomes “I exercise 30 minutes a day.” “I watch too much TV,” gets flipped to “I limit TV to an hour a day.” [Read more…]

Yahoo! Financially Fit: Daily Habits of the Wealthy

If you think becoming rich is about luck, think again. It may have more to do with how you spend your day, beginning with the hour you wake up.

Financial planner Tom Corley spent five years observing more than 350 “rich” and “poor” people, how they live, work and even sleep and captured them all in his book, “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.” He defined “wealthy” as earning at least $160,000 annually and holding at least $3.2 million in assets. “Poor” was income under $30,000 a year and less than $5,000 in assets. [Read more…]