Success Mentors Tee You Up For Success and Happiness


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In a study conducted by Yagi Tadash (Doshisha University) and Nishimura Kazuo (Kobe University), in which 5,000 adult men and women were questioned about their parents, they found that the environment these adults were raised in dictated their future success, wealth and happiness in life.

The study found that supportive parents had the most significant impact on an individual’s future success and happiness in life.

Even individuals raised in a poor household, in which parents were supportive, had better grades, greater happiness and higher income later in life.

If you were not fortunate enough to have been raised in a supportive household, all is not lost. I’ve written often about the importance in finding success mentors in life. Finding a success mentor is the fast track and seamless path to success. Mentors smooth out the path for you in life.

Mentors are everywhere. You just have to seek them out. They are in your neighborhood, volunteering at non-profits, at work, at school, in books and on the Internet.

Don’t be a victim, whose life is dictated by their current circumstances. Finding a success mentor will enable you to alter your circumstances. Don’t let fear hold you back from asking someone to mentor you. Make finding your success mentor your life’s obsession.

Finding Your Muse


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What is a muse? A muse is someone or something that inspires you. It can be a person (i.e. mentor), or persons (i.e. your children), an idea (i.e. a vision of the future you) or a dream you have. A muse draws out of you your inner genius. We all have the capacity for genius but, for most, it remains dormant most of our lives. The few who find their muse go on to achieve great things in life.

For me, my muse has always been my children, or rather, the desire to set my children up for success in life. So, my children inspired me to do certain things in life that would give me the financial resources to give them a leg up in life.

Do you have a muse? If you don’t, I suggest you get one. Give it some thought. A lot of thought. It’s important. Your muse will lift you up. Your muse will inspire you. Your muse will draw out of you your inner genius. Your muse will transform you from ordinary to extraordinary. Your muse is out there. You just need to find it.

Entrepreneurs in Wonderland


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Starting a business leads you downs paths you’d otherwise never tread. For most, this uncertainty is way beyond their comfort zone, so they hold on to dear life to employment. But for those few brave souls who venture into the looking glass of entrepreneurship, they are in for the experience of a lifetime.

In the beginning, that experience is fraught with many unknowns. The obstacles and pitfalls force you to change, to grow and to learn very quickly what to do and what not to do. Sometimes the lessons are painful, but only in pain can you appreciate pleasure. Eventually, you will figure things out, get it right, develop processes to prevent further mishaps and experience the wonderland of entrepreneurship – more money, more control over your time and more freedom.

Along your Wonderland adventure you will meet many interesting people. Some will discourage you, others will take advantage of you, a few will talk a great game but fail to deliver on their promises and there will be those you meet who will actively stand in your way, preventing you from moving forward. This downside of entrepreneurship is a learning experience. Eventually, you will be able to see these types of people a mile away and avoid them.

But, along your journey, you will also meet some people who will help you. These individuals will energize and inspire you. They will open doors for you. They will mentor you. They will go out of their way to steer you in the right direction. This is the upside of entrepreneurship. Eventually, you will also be able to see these types of people a mile away and learn to embrace their help.

Fortune favors the brave. Luck visits entrepreneurs in a way that can never be anticipated. Luck favors the bold and the brave. All luck asks is that you take action. There is a Wonderland of opportunities out there but you only have one life to find out what those opportunities are.

Create a WOW and Success Will Follow


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Have you ever been wowed? We remember wow events. They stick in our mind. Wow’s happen when someone does something for you, paid or unpaid, that wow’s you. It stokes your emotions. Emotions, it turns out, creates long-term memories. When you wow someone, you create a long-term memory for that person. They will never forget what you did to wow them.

In pursuing any dream, the ability to create a wow event will dramatically improve your chances of making that dream a reality. When what you do wow’s another person, it causes a buzz. That buzz spreads like a virus through the social networks of the individual who was wowed. Soon family, friends and co-workers are looking for their own wow event. This draws more people into your herd. The more people you are able to wow, the larger your herd grows. In time, you will have a large herd. Millionaires have large herds, deca-millionaires have bigger herds and billionaires have the largest herds.

The key to realizing your dreams and success, therefore, is to wow those you serve. You wow others when what you do exceeds their expectations. When our expectations are exceeded, we remember it. And we tell others about it. So, if you want to make your dream a reality, if you want to be a success, you need to wow others. Creating a wow in what you do will virtually guarantee success. So go out and start wowing others. And watch your herd grow!

How to Ace Any Standardized Test

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Acing standardized tests comes easy to only a select number of individuals. Unfortunately, most perform at a subpar level and this holds them back from getting into their school of choice or getting licenses that will help them in their careers. But I figured out a process that will virtually guarantee that you will ace every standardized test you take in life. This process assumes that you will be using a topic-based study guide which includes practice exams. If you follow this process you will perform above your wildest expectations and leave your competition in the dust. I’ve successfully used this process over the years to obtain my CPA, CFP, Series 6, 7 and insurance licenses. In my last exam, the CFP exam, I used this finely tuned process to pass the CFP in one sitting. The pass rate on the CFP exam is less than 50% for those taking it the first time, so this process will ensure you do your absolute best the first time you take any standard exam. Here’s the process: [Read more…]

Inspiration – The Creative Brain’s Doorbell


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We literally have two brains: The Conscious Brain and The Subconscious Brain.

  • The Conscious Brain -The conscious brain is the newest part of the brain. It has been around for approximately 300,000 years. It is located in the brain’s topmost layers and includes the neocortex and the lobes. More specifically, it is located at the top and sides of our brain. Some neuroscientists refer to it as the upper brain or new brain.  It is responsible for voluntary thought, awareness, self-control (willpower)and planning. It can overpower habits (automatic routines). It can mute our emotions and sudden impulses.
  • The Subconscious Brain – The subconscious brain is located in the limbic system and the brain stem. Some neuroscientists refer to it as the lower brain or old brain. It’s been with us for millions of years. Our old brain has massive computing power. It operates constantly, solving complex problems offline (without conscious effort). It is responsible for autonomic nervous system (controlling our internal organs), forging and managing all habits, it is the birthplace of insight and creativity and it is where our emotions reside. The Subconscious Brain is much faster and more efficient than the Conscious Brain. It gives us the ability to make quick decisions. While our Conscious Brain is at rest, our Subconscious Brain is at work helping us solve problems, alerting us to opportunities, helping us comprehend the incomprehensible, solidifying memory and nudging us into doing something or advising us to stop doing something.

Inspiration is one of the means by which the Subconscious Brain communicates with the Conscious Brain. Oftentimes inspiration occurs while we are engaged in other activities such as work, exercise, showering, dressing, eating, walking the dog, etc. Never ignore inspiration. Inspiration is fleeting. It is your brain’s way of communicating to you profound life-changing information that you need to act on immediately. Inspiration is literally the door of opportunity being jarred wide open. If you don’t act on that inspiration immediately, that door will close and the opportunity will be lost.

In many ways, inspiration is like a doorbell ringing. You need to answer it. You need to run to the door and open it up. This means of internal communication is why so many successful individuals carry a pen and paper with them and immediately write down the profound information being communicated.

Albert Einstein was famous for writing his inspired thoughts into his notepad. There is a famous story about one occasion in which Einstein was walking and talking with his Princeton students. In the middle of their walk and in mid-sentence, Einstein suddenly stopped, pulled out a pen and pad, and for the next twenty minutes he wrote down some formulas and ideas as his students just stood around watching in awe. Einstein understood the fleeting nature of inspiration. He never ignored it. When that doorbell rang, Einstein never failed to answer it.

Optimists Succeed in Life, While Pessimists Fail


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Have you ever run into an optimist? Most who do walk away energized, enthusiastic, motivated and, well optimistic. Now contrast that to pessimists. Pessimists sap you of your energy, enthusiasm, motivation and drag you down in life. They push you away and make you want to run for the hills.

By a wide margin, the millionaires in my study were inherently optimistic. Seventy-one percent were grateful and optimistic about life. Why is this important to success? It’s important because success doesn’t happen on its own. You need apostles for your cause. You need to surround yourself with people who believe in your dream, your goals and your cause. Optimists are like magnets, attracting other optimistic, success-minded people to them, making it possible for them to move their dreams and goals forward. Optimists have many brains at work helping them overcome obstacles and open doors, clearing the path and enabling them to succeed in life. 

Pessimists, conversely, repulse people who could otherwise help them in life. As a result they are often left to their own resources, unable to marshall support for their dreams, goals or initiatives. Pessimists are limited to one brain in helping them succeed in life -their own. But even worse, their pessimism turns people they come into contact with from apostles to adversaries. Pessimists alienate others. These alienated individuals then become an army of human obstacles, fighting them at every turn.

Achieving success in life is hard. Optimism makes it less hard while pessimism makes it harder, if not impossible. Gratitude is the gateway to optimism. Envy is the gateway to pessimism. So if you’re struggling with pessimism, start by expressing gratitude every day for things you have and things that go your way. This will shift your mindset from negative to positive. Optimists succeed in life, while pessimists fail. Both mindsets are daily habits. Make optimism your daily habit and watch your life change.


Dip Your Toe in the Water and Create Ripples


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When you take action in pursuit of a dream, or the goals that make dreams a reality, it is the equivalent of dipping your toe in the water. It creates ripples. Those ripples are the side effect of taking action. Ripples produce feedback. That feedback tells you if you are on the right track. Without ripples, no feedback. Without feedback, you’re flying blind. Feedback allows you to pivot; to alter how you pursue the goals behind every dream. But ripples require action. Dream all you want. But without action nothing happens. No ripples, no feedback. No feedback no pivoting. No pivoting, no success. Action starts ripples. Ripples put you on the path to success. So, dip your toe in the water today. Take action. Commit to your dream. Act on your dream. And watch the ripples change your life.

Are You a Red Oak or a Cherry Tree?


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The average Red Oak tree takes 50 years to produce its first acorn. But it will produce acorns for up to 350 years, before it dies. Conversely, a Cherry tree takes about 4 years to produce sweet cherries but its longevity is short-lived. It will produce cherries for about 20 years before it dies.

Very few get rich quick. According to the National Endowment of Financial Education, about 70% of all lottery winners go broke within a few years. Success, like the mighty Red Oak, takes a long time before it bears fruit. It took the average self-made millionaire in my study 32 years to become rich and successful. The wealth they created, however, will bear fruit for the rest of their lives and leave a legacy of wealth that can benefit future generations.

If your goal is to become successful, you must build a foundation of success. This takes time. But the longer it takes, the more sound the foundation. So, I ask you, which tree will you plant today, a Cherry tree or a Red Oak tree?

I Am Who I Think I Am


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We all have a vision of the person we are. We create that vision in our childhood through osmosis, our vision being influenced by our environment – the people who surround us. So, in a real sense, we are who others think we are. That can be very good or it can be very bad. For the vast majority of those struggling in life, it’s a very bad thing.

Most never take the time to script out the person they want to be. That’s a mistake. When we take control over the person we want to be, the historical influence others exerted on our vision, begin to fade away. When we script who we want to be, we alter whatever vision we previously programmed ourselves to embrace. Scripting the vision of our perfect self is transformative.

At the beginning of 2012 I was struggling in my author business. My book, Rich Habits, had sold only 1,000 copies, typical for most self-published authors. Most self-published authors never sell more than 1,000 copies of their books in an entire lifetime. But I wanted to be a successful author. I wanted to get my Rich Habits message out there. I wanted to positively impact the lives of millions with my research. So, I took a page out of my self-made millionaire playbook (Rich Habits) and scripted my perfect life for the first time.

In my ideal, future life, I decided I wanted to be J.C. Jobs, the main character in Rich Habits. J.C. was a famous self-help author who transformed the lives of millions. He was a frequent guest on T.V. shows and radio shows. He wrote thousands of articles in magazines ad newspapers around the world. He was an icon who freed millions from the slavery that is poverty. And he successful and he was happy.

It’s now nearing the end of 2015. So did my scripting work? I’ll let you be the judge. Here’s what’s happened since the beginning of 2012:

Rich Habits is closing in on 50,000 book sales. Rich Kids, a book I released at the end of 2014, has won two major literary awards and became a bestseller in June of this year. Change Your Habits, Change Your Life, my latest book, will be released shortly. I have been on 14 national and regional T.V. shows and over 2,000 radio stations primarily in the U.S. but also in Canada, Australia and the U.K.. My research has been profiled in dozens of national and international magazines around the world as well as hundreds of online sites, blogs and newspapers worldwide. I have been interviewed by close to 200 podcasters in the U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K., Mexico, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Israel, New Zealand and a few other countries. I am not J.C. Jobs yet, but I’ve come a long way.

What happened? Every day for 18 months, I continuously read and improved upon the script I created at the beginning of 2012. At some point, I think it was in early 2014, I began to finally see myself as J.C. Jobs. I began to believe.

Scripting works. It brings to the surface the dreams that must be realized in order for you to become the future you. Those dreams infect your subconscious and conscious mind like a virus. They inspire you to develop goals. Goals are the action steps behind each dream. Each dream is like a rung on the ladder of success. Every dream you realize, moves you up the ladder and gets you closer to the top. When you reach the top, you become the future version of you.

Who do you want to be? Do you want to be who others think you are? Or, do you want to be someone entirely different?  Scripting gives you the template for your ideal, perfect life. It’s your GPS to a new life. Scripting provides the dreams, that give birth to the goals, that will help you climb your ladder of success and transform you into who you want to be.